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The milkmaid braid is characterized by a free form braids that have been lifted up and secured close to the front of the hairline. While this style may look complex don’t fear – it’s actually really easy to do! Simply part your hair down the middle and make two ponytails at the back. Then you are going to plait or braid these two ponytails and bring them up past the ears and secured on top (tucking them under each other works well). You can also achieve this style using a single braid if your hair is long enough.

The milkmaid braid is sometimes confused with a crown braid. With the crown style, the braid is formed along the sides of the head using a Dutch or French method rather than fastening loose braids on top as you do with the milkmaid style. Now that you know the difference, enjoy these 30 stunning pictures!

# 1 Om-Braids


Ombres or two-tone hair color is a wonderful base for the milkmaid style as it provides great contrast. This look is boho-inspired; notice the flyaway strands and the loose braids on top. These braids have been created using a simple plaiting technique and expertly tucked one under the other. A pink rose clip completes the flower girl feel.

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