75 Outstanding Ombre Hair Ideas: Many colors and even Blue!

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Ombre hair is still oh so trendy, especially with balayage being used to create incredibly colored manes that look good on any length and texture of hair. The word “ombre” means shaded so we most often see dark color at the roots through the middle of the hair, which becomes lighter towards the tips.

Balayage is a free form technique of highlighting which focuses on individual strands rather than larger chunks. This allows for a smoother progression from one shade to the next.

The addition of this freehand color together with hip babylights is sure to keep ombres pouring out of the salon for quite a while still!

# 1 Sweet Chocolate to Honey Blonde Ombre

Sweet Chocolate to Honey Blonde Ombre

This long, wavy hair is the perfect base for this ombre style. Starting with a deep brown, the color has been faded to into milky chocolate hue. Freehand color has been used to further blend lighter streaks, ending with warm honey blonde.

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