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Many ladies have trouble differentiating between full and partial highlights. Although it may looks like something very obvious it is not always the case for some women. The two coloring designs are very popular nowadays, but the partial technique is slowly becoming the preference for most women as it creates a unique look. Just as the name suggests, the partial designs are those that a usually used to brighten or create a face frame. And contrary to popular belief they can come in as many styles as the full highlights if not more. The following 25 hairdos demonstrate the versatility of this modern hair trend.

# 1 Violet Bob with Partial Blonde Highlights

Violet Bob with Partial Blonde Highlights

A short bob haircut is fascinating, but it will look better with a nice color. Violet makes this design lovely, but the wearer also enhances it further with cool blonde highlights. The cool blonde in this design is meant to break the monotony that the bright violet hue can create.

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