50 Outstanding Pastel Hair Colors & Ideas — Sweetest 2019 Trends

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Pastel hair will brighten a woman’s appearances and also make her look very trendy. And this is the primary reasons why these shades are very popular nowadays. Although they look very natural, they are way more sophisticated than other shades since you have to start by bleaching your strands. However, there are still many color combinations, and styling options that you can use to get perfect pastel looks, and the following 50 are just a few examples.

# 1 Blue and Pink Loveliness

Blue and Pink Loveliness

Bright hues are fantastic, but few can make a better combination than pink and light blue. These two shades are magical, and they make the strands on this hairdo look refined. Although you should first bleach the medium length strands, the two shades should be hand painted for a flawless look. You should then finish the style by braiding a few strands at the back of your head.

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