40 Charming Pastel Purple Hair Ideas — Trendy Colors

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Purple hair is gaining more and more popularity as pictures of new styles make their way to social media and girls try it out. But now there is a new trend – pastel purple hair. Women all over the world are going crazy over gorgeous pastel colors, and purple is at the top of the list. Purple is a feminine color which was once used for royalty and now the pastel shades are making us feel like princesses again!

Pastel purple hair incorporates a range of shades including lavender, blue-violet, mauve, lilac and many more, each appearing in pale and pearly tones. This range extends to metallic pastel shades as well. We’ve collected examples of the prettiest pastel purple hair on the internet for you.

# 1 Lovely Lilac

Lovely Lilac

In this picture, a combination of silver, ash gray and lilac was used to color this model’s waist-length locks. Matching hair extensions were added to give this hairstyle fantasy volume and it’s been styled with a loose French side braid which ends in a three strand braid that slides down her back. If you are trying this look remember to loosen your braid once you are done – this will add volume as well!

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