50 Trendy Perm Styles — From Spiral and Curly to Wave and Straight

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Perm was the in thing in the 80’s, and no woman would look fashionable without it. Three decades later this fantastic headdress is back, and it is here to stay as more and more women embrace it and as new styling options and tools come into the picture. And if you want to keep up with the trend it is important to understand what this style that is also known as permanent waves is all about. To state it simply this is a hairstyle that involves the use of curling rods and perming solution to alter the structure of the hair. There are two main categories of this hairdo that are the regular or cold and the digital or hot one. However, there are many types, and they include the spiral, body, spot/plain, stacked, root, multi-textured and pin curl. The 50 stylish hairdos below demonstrate some of these types of perm and how to achieve them.

# 1 Volumizing Spirals

Volumizing Spirals

Spirals are very attractive and different ladies will have varying reasons why they love them. However, these are perfect because they give the long blonde locks an incredible volume. Instead of having a few large curls you should have many small ones to look this elegant. And for styling you need to sweep a few of them over the forehead.

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