30 Classy Pin Up Hairstyles — 50’s Inspiration

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Pin up hairstyles was the in thing in the 40’s and 50’s, but they have never really gone out of trend. If you know how to design these 50’s hairstyles, then you can still get an elegant look that is as good as modern ones if not better. They are pretty simple headdresses to wear provided you have some nice volume and color as all you need to do is roll and pin your locks. If you are looking for a cool retro hairdo, the following 30 pin up designs will give you an idea on what you wear.

# 1 Gorgeous Victory Rolls

Gorgeous Victory Rolls

Victory rolls are the most popular type of pin up, and this is not by chance but simply because they are easy to make, and they also look stylish on most ladies. In this particular design, the full strands have a fantastic color and texture. Their styling involves concentrating the rolls on the front part of the head to accentuate the face.

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