50 Must-Have Choices of Plum Hair Color — Sweetest Shades

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Plum hair color is a tempting choice and beautiful for any occasion. It gives your hair a versatile aura and you can go where you want anytime and be assured that you will rock. You may not have tried any of the plum shades in the past and making the right pick is not so easy. But that should not bother you for here are top plum colors that you can start with.

# 1 Dark-Purple Balayage

Dark-Purple Balayage

For those who do not need a shouting choice of color, here is a resounding answer. The dark purple color gives your hair unrivaled richness and keeps it looking healthy all the time. The sprouting black strands show off your natural hue. It is an easy color to get and will require insignificant efforts to achieve.

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