55 Stunning Protective Styles — Beauty and Treatment

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Protective styles just as the name suggests aim at limiting the stress that environmental factors cause on your hair. They also help you avoid the need to use harsh chemicals and hot tools on your strands. However, the only limitation to these hairdos is that they look best in thick, dense hair, and this is the reason why the hairstyles are very popular with African Americans. Most of them entail a lot of knitting, and so you have to use some extensions. The protective hairstyles also look very stylish, and if you add this to the fact that you get to retain your length, then you have the perfect headdress for a modern woman. The 55 styles below will give you some ideas on how to create the protective hairdo on different lengths.

# 1 Big Crochet Braids

Big Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a perfect option for ladies with any type and size of hair because they entail crocheting some extension to your natural hair. To create some adorable ones like these, you should use some chocolate brown extensions and finish by accessorizing with a few metal beads and styling them into a face frame.

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