30 Delightful Pull Through Braid Hairstyles — Trendy Braiding

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A pull through braid is a trendy hairstyle that is quite easy to create. It is a simple technique that makes it possible to simulate the look of a braid without having to weave a single strand. It takes shape in minutes and creates a more versatile look that matches any wardrobe. There are many different choices in pull through braids. Below is my collection of the 30 best styles worth putting into consideration. Read more and select the best style for yourself.

# 1 Braided Updo

Braided Updo

This is a classic updo that displays the elegance of a fishtail braid to its fullest. It is given a French twist look with some volume to create more visual appeal. It pulls back the hair making the face fuller. The pigtail end rests gracefully on the back. This style looks quite simple and effortless but has a great aesthetic value that will definitely impress any woman.

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