55 Dazzling Purple Hair Color Ideas — Feel Like a Queen

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Although bright colors were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s purple hair color is now more widespread than any other time. Several things make it popular, but the fact that it is easy to wear and maintain is one of the main ones. Whether you keep long or short locks, there are many ways you can wear a purple hairdo. And the brightness of the hue also makes it possible for any woman to rock it regardless of the volume of their strands and or skin tone. Although there are many designs to try out it is not always easy to think of something, but the following 55 headdresses will give you some ideas on what you can try out.

# 1 Purple and Platinum Blonde Highlights

Purple and Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum blonde is an attractive color but what makes it popular with ladies is the shine that it gives a woman’s hair. In this headdress, it combines with the purple hue to create an outstanding look that only requires a soft center part for styling.

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