50 Gorgeous Purple Ombre Hair Ideas — Royal Trend of the Year

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Purple. It’s the color of kings and royalty and has come to represent luxury and strength. So why not to get the so-trendy purple ombre hair? There are many gorgeous shades of purple, from dark to light and pastel to bold, so you won’t have any problems finding something that works for you. You can team a purple ombre with dark or light colored locks or just go plum crazy in full, glorious color! Let’s explore some of these amazing purple ombres right now.

# 1 Purple Passion

Purple Passion

This is an example of a classic dark to light ombre but with a colorful twist! Free hand color can achieve fantastic results when hair needs to melt from a natural to a bright color. Here her hair starts out in a matt black and gradually turns to a deep purple. Over this shade, we see the lightest streaks of color – a soft plum hue. 

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