45 Inspirational Red and Blonde Hair — Trend Ideas for 2019

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Red and blonde hair is a perfect way of creating some warmth in your style. The two shades give a more natural blend when sported in your balayage or ombre. With it, you get to grab some attention without sporting a look that’s too showy. There are many cool ideas to explore in the world of red and blonde hair. For a start, please check out the 45 inspirational ideas below.

# 1 Textured Merlot Color Melt with Glazed Strawberry Highlights


Start this ombre with some texture to the hair. Settle for a rich merlot shade at the top letting it melt into a light reddish brown hue at the bottom half. Light up the bottom half in glazed strawberry blonde highlights. Add textured curls to the hair and tease them to sit slightly messy to give your ombre extra swag.

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