50 Vibrant Red Hair Color Ideas — Violet, Deep Dark, Light Burgundy and More

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Red hair color is impressive, and it will look brilliant for any woman who knows how to choose and use a shade that goes well with her skin tone and hair type. However, this should not be a problem since there are many shades that you can use. Red is a common color, and you can have it as a pure shade or combine it with different colors to create a charming tone. And so whether you like bright looks or something that is a little subdued there is still an option for you with red tones. The pictures below demonstrate a few examples of how you can wear this elegant hair color.

# 1 Vibrant Redhead

Vibrant Redhead

This hairdo has a red tone that is uniform throughout the head, and this is what gives if it the vibrant look. The shade is also hand painted, and this is why it looks flawless. Apart from the lovely hues, the long strands have a fantastic cut that gives them an incredible texture. You should then finish the style by stacking the textured and wavy strands.

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