30 Incredible Ideas for Red Ombre Hair – Time to Get Wild

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Red ombre hair is an ombre style that features at least two color combination with red being one of the main colors. This style looks great on women who desire to add a vibrant touch to their hair. There are many different variations in this style and it would be really great if you familiarize with them prior to experimenting them out. Below are 30 cool examples of red ombre hair that you might want to incorporate in your hairstyle.

# 1 Black to Red Ombre



Here is a viable ombre solution that looks great even on women with black hair. It transitions from a black top to a bright red bottom creating a perfect half-up, half-down ombre. The locks are layered and styled into wonderful waves that spice up the whole look. It is definitely a unique step to ombre hair and a perfect match for dark hair girls.

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