25 Greatest Rihanna Short Hair Styles — Fashion Icon to Follow

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Looking for the sexiest styles on Rihanna short hair? Well, there is a long list to go through as there are numerous options to select from. But I have decided to save you all the hassle by narrowing down to the 25 classic Rihanna short hair that has taken the world of short haircuts by storm. These are super cute legendary styles that have contributed much to the musician’s hot looks. Read on and decide what Rihanna short hair will look good on you.

# 1 Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts work absolutely well for ladies with short hair. Here, Rihanna adds some texture to the dark locks making them shine. Contoured bangs frame the face nicely to create a fun and cute cut. She puts on a red lipstick that adds a bold statement to her looks. This is a great style for women who are looking for easy maintenance with top notch elegance to match.

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