25 Gorgeous Rope Twist Styles With Braids — So Easy, So Elegant!

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A rope twist design is a favorite of ladies who like to wear protective styles while still looking stunning. This headdress is also very versatile and gives a woman the opportunity to experiment with different looks, but the best thing about it is that it is a very easy hairdo. It is a good choice for ladies who want to break away from traditional heat and chemical solutions while still maintaining elegant looks. Many women hold themselves back from trying this hairdo only because they do not know how to style them. However, this should not be an issue, and the following 25 hairstyles prove this beyond and doubt.

# 1 Rope Twist Crown Braid

Rope Twist Crown Braid

Crown braids are lovely, but you do not need to do any intricate weaving to create them since you can still achieve a perfect one like this with a twist. It is also very simple as you only need to weave some of yours strands into a rope-like crown and then leave the other long locks to flow to the back.

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