55 Gorgeous Senegalese Twist Styles — Perfection for Natural Hair

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Nowadays there are many Senegalese twist styles to choose from because more and women prefer to weave their locks rather than use chemicals or hot tools on them. Although they are often a stand-alone headdress, you can also have them as an addition to any other hairdo. When your hair needs a break from harsh chemical treatment and heat damage you can always turn to Senegalese twists. And the best thing is that there are many twisting and styling options to choose from for an elegant look. If you want to take a break from the conventional hair designs, here is a collection of 55 Senegalese twist designs that you can try out.

# 1 Free-Flowing Rope Design

Free-Flowing Rope Design

These medium size twists give a woman a fast and easy way to transform her looks without having to disturb her hair much. This style involves making the medium size braids and then leaving them to flow freely to the back without any sophisticated styling. Apart from this the hair also has a lovely dark brown hue that enhances the appearance.

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