60 Timeless Short Blonde Hair Ideas — Tempting Styles

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Short blonde hair has always been the trademark of the fun-loving and the free-spirited among us. Although the hairstyle has been around for a while, there is no shortage of spunky variations. Depending on personal preference, you can wear your short blonde hairstyle neat and subtle or get bold with it by throwing in some edgy cuts and bright highlights. Either way, the buttery complexion of the blonde hairstyle will always be the feminine touch needed to make your hair look utterly exquisite. Here are 60 ideas to ensure that your hair never gets boring.

# 1 Silky Platinum Bob

Silky Platinum Bob

Whether you prefer to play it safe or not, it should not be an excuse to have a boring hairstyle. This simple platinum blonde bob looks lustrous enough to avoid being called plain. There is a slight part on the side and the side-swept fringe all serve to give the hair a hint of asymmetry which is very attractive.

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