55 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Black Women – Find Your Look

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At some point all of us women have considered cutting our hair and wearing a short hairstyle — that is if you haven’t already done it. While it is highly fashionable to wear long hairstyles, short hairstyles for black women have been popular for years, as they offer the ease and maintenance and styling. There are many women who use their natural hair to achieve some of these short hairstyles, but in some instances had used weaves and extensions to protect their natural hair but still achieve the same stylish look. These short hairstyles range from the conservative and classy to the bold and exciting, and everything in between. Regardless of your tastes along that spectrum, hairstyles of the short nature are the go to hairstyles when looking for a shocking change.

#1 Halle Berry Cut


The hair was long and of to layer and lay semi-flat against the shape of her head. The top of the hair, either permed or straightened, down evenly across the front, sides and back of her head with loose curls. Over the years this hairstyle has been duplicated by celebrities like Toni Braxton, Keisha Cole and in this case Rihanna. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can add your own personality to the hairstyle and still keep its’ unique sleekness by changing up the curls on top.

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