50 Trendsetting Short and Long Pixie Haircut Styles — Cutest of Them All!

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Ladies looking for a short, convenient hairdo should always turn to a pixie haircut. It is a cute design that can work for any hair regardless of the texture or volume. This fashionable design will always add some dimension and also boost the thickness of your strands. There are also many ways of enhancing it like combining it with an undercut on the side or a stylish taper. But, the best part about it is that there are many cute variations, and they will work for any woman. Below is a gallery of 50 of them.

# 1 Silver Blonde Pixie Bangs

Silver Blonde Pixie Bangs

This haircut demonstrates how perfectly textured bangs should look. Apart from the texture, the locks are longer than what you find on most other cuts, and they have an inventive styling that entails sweeping them to the sides in subtle layers and tapering the back. The design also has a lovely silver blonde shade that gives the strands a stunning dazzle.

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