60 Stylish Short & Long Shag Haircuts — Old Fashion Trends Return

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Shag haircuts are modern and trendy, and every woman wants to try them out so as to keep up with the times. The basis of these haircuts is in most cases a bob or pixie cut, but you can have it in any other design, but you will need to style it inventively to create the shag texture. These haircuts are also very easy to design and in most case you only need to leave your strands to flow freely. Below is a gallery of 60 exquisite styles to help you find a style that will work for you.

# 1 Silver Blonde Pixie

Silver Blonde Pixie

You can transform a pixie cut into anything that you wish, and you only need to vary the cut and styling. This particular one has a spiky cut with a tapered back, and you should style it by layering to create the shag look. The silver blonde tone is also marvelous, and it will give your design a perfect shade.

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