30 Stunning Side Braid Hairstyles — One For Every Day Of The Month!

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Side braid hairstyles involve braiding the hair to dip over the shoulder; this can either be achieved using all the locks or just a small portion. Any style of braiding can be used from the simple three strand method to the French or Dutch technique. This look works well to create romantic styles and looks great combined with side swept bangs and cute accessories. We’ve collected thirty of the best side braid hairstyles for you to try.

# 1 Lovely Lace

Lovely Lace

This model’s beautiful long blonde locks have been styled into a pretty braided style using a few different methods. From the middle of her head, just above the crown, we see a French braid which continues to the nape of the neck where it finishes in the fishtail style. Along the side of her head, a few strands were left loose and have been used to make lovely small lace plaits.

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