50 Fantastic Silver Ombre Hair Ideas — Precious Locks

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Silver ombre hair looks sterling, gilded and nearly metallic, and it is the latest addition to the ever-changing hair styling scene. Ombre is a typical color design but what can help you make yours look unique is the choice of shades and silver is a perfect one because it is not as common as the others. Apart from this, it is often a dazzling shade that you can combine with almost any other hue to create a charming look. It looks good on any hair length and so if you are looking for something chic for either formal or casual wear below is a picture gallery of 50 upscale hairdos.

# 1 Dimensional Dark Brown into Silver

Dimensional Dark Brown into Silver

Silver is an amazing color because it seems to work well with most colors regardless of how dark or bright they are. In this style, the pattern starts with a lovely dark brown hue and then transitions to the fabulous silver for an amazing contrast. These shades create an astonishing dimensional look that is enhanced by the choppy haircut on the long wavy locks and the simple side sweep styling.

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