25 Awe-Inspiring Sombre Hair Color Ideas — Best Soft Ombres

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Sombre hair offers a solution to all ladies out there who do not like the drastic transition from a dark to bright color in the regular ombre patterns. Although it is an attractive color technique, most ladies still confuse it with the ombre. Understanding the difference between the two is vital if you want to get the best out of it. The main difference between these two hair dying techniques is that the ombre has dark roots that blend into a lighter shade drastically while the sombre has a soft and subtle transition between the tones to create a more natural appearance. However, the ends of the hair in the sombre should always be light. And for some ideas on how you can create it here are 25 excellent examples of this style.

# 1 Chocolate Brown with Partial Blonde

Chocolate Brown with Partial Blonde

This freehand painted design is a typical sombre, and it has a dominant chocolate brown shade throughout. However, the tone transitions gradually to a soft blonde hue on the sides to give the wavy locks a beautiful shade. These thick locks also have an excellent cut and a simple face frame style that add some elegance to the look.

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