50 Phenomenal Spiral Perm Hairstyles — Perfect Loose and Tight Ringlets

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Spiral perm is a hairstyle that has sure come a long way in the last couple of years, so when you think about perms you no longer need to picture old ladies and stinky chemicals. The perms of today are gentler on the hair while achieving the precise look that you want. With spiral curls, there are just so many looks that you can try and there is a curl for every girl. Even if you are just looking to add a slight wave, then a perm could be a lasting solution!

Lovely permed curls not only look stunning but they could also be saving you loads of time in your beauty routine as most of the styles you are about to see are wash and wear! Beauty and convenience – spiral perms offer both! Feel like you are ready to choose your perm? We’ve got 50 amazing examples to show you.

# 1 Skinny Curls

Skinny Curls

Tight spiral perms like this one are a great solution for flat hair as they provide loads of texture and body. Here the hair has been pressed into thin crimped rows which together form a mass of curls; perfect for both formal up do’s and relaxed weekend looks. Remember to keep them sleek by using products to combat frizziness.

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