25 Stunning Stacked Bob Haircuts — Best Classy Silhouettes

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A stacked bob is something that can change your appearance easily and quickly. Contrary to what some people think, stacking is not just about making your strands appear voluminous. Layering your hair creates an edgy look and also makes your colors detailed and hence enhancing your overall appearance. This chic and fashionable design will make your bob look exquisite, and it can also be a quick fix for you if you are not sure how to style your short strands. There are many ways to create a stacked look, but all will depend on your length and cut. The following are 25 examples of this trendy headdress.

# 1 Textured Short A-Line

Textured Short A-Line

An A-line is very edgy, and it looks complicated since you have to do very precise cuts. However, it is a simple design if you know how to cut and style it or if you use the services of a professional. This one is short, and it has a lovely angular cut, but its styling and tone are what make it fantastic. To style it you should create a center part and then brush the strands to the sides in layers. The shade comes from darkening the brunette locks and adding some sweet pops of red violet.

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