50 Shining Shades of Strawberry Blond Hair — Get Ready for Summer

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Strawberry blonde hair is a perfect hair color for a sunny summer as it is a blend of a shade of blonde along with mixed tones of pink or peach. When exposed to sun beams, it reflects a great shiny look and makes you look extraordinary in the crowd. This particular shade has become viral and people all over the world are widely opting for this color for a gaining brighter summer look. This color is probably the best choice for someone who is stuck between the two extreme colors such as red and blonde. Strawberry Blonde is the ideal combination of the burning vibrant red and the tender blonde. It is needless to mention how versatile this particular hair color is. Women with pale skin complexion followed and rosy cheeks are precisely the best ones with whom this color would make its match beautifully. Following are a few different shades of Strawberry Blonde and the different hair updos that will suit them.

# 1 Light Strawberry Blonde With Honey Highlights

Light Strawberry Blonde With Honey Highlights

This shade of strawberry blonde truly compliments women with white skin (cool complexion) and blue eyes as seen in the given picture. This typical soothing and eye pleasing shade of Light Strawberry Blonde reflects an unusual radiance in women with creamy and snowy skin along with sapphire eye coloration. It’s one of the suitable hairstyles for a friendly outing or even for a morning event.

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