30 Stylish Two Tone Hair Color Ideas — Best Combinations!

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Any woman that goes for a two tone hair can always be confident of a modern and stylish look. Solid colors are still an acceptable option, but if you want your hairdo to look chic, you have to incorporate some highlights or introduce a pronounced or subtle shade in an ombre or sombre pattern. Having two shades on your hairdo also helps to make any style or haircut very detailed, and it ensures that your strands do not look dull. However, sometimes it is not always easy to decide what shades to use because you cannot be certain what will work for you before you try it. The picture gallery below showcases some breathtaking hairstyles that entail using two colors. Look through to get inspiration on what you can have.

# 1 Mahogany to Golden Ombre

Mahogany to Golden Ombre

Having two different shades in your hair is an excellent idea, but if you want to look stylish, you have to be very careful with the color choice. The perfect fall colors in this design are ideal for any woman with a textured long hair. They also have a fantastic color pattern that entails transitioning drastically from mahogany to golden to create a lovely ombre design. The long hair has some subtle waves and a nice cut, and so you should finish by sweeping it back in layers for some extra volume.

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