50 Adorable Undercut Hairstyles For Women — Catch the Trend

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Undercut hairstyles are very trendy and although they have always been popular with men they are now also a modern hairdo for ladies. They are usually a very simple design that involves cutting the hairs at the temple short or shaving them completely to add some edge to your look. What makes them unique is that they can be part of other headdresses such as updos and pixie cuts. You can have them on short, medium or even long hair and so your length will never restrict you from trying this lovely design. To keep up with the trend, you should consider this idea and look through the following 50 shaved hairstyles for women to get different options on what you can try.

# 1 Twisted Bun with Simple Undercut

Twisted Bun with Simple Undercut

This headdress is a perfect example of a simple undercut for long locks. It involves shaving a small section at the back to create some cute razor patterns and a small heart shape. You should then twist and pin the rest of the locks into a bun, and you can also leave them flowing if you wish to conceal the shaved section.

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