50 Exquisite Updos for Long Hair — Dream Hairstyles

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There are many options to choose from when it comes to updos for long hair because they are among the most common formal hairstyles. A long mane offers you the freedom to wear anything that you wish, and so your taste is the only thing that may limit the kinds of up styles that you can wear. The designs range from simple knots and buns to other more elaborate styles that involve a lot of knitting and twisting. However, there is always something that will conform to your preferences and tastes and below if a gallery of 50 chic updos for your long hair.

# 1 Simple Pull-Up Knot

Simple Pull-Up Knot

This hairstyle will only take you a couple of minutes if not less to create as it is very simple. All that you need to wear this headdress is to pull up your locks to the center of the head and then tuck them into a tight knot. The knot will also look extra cute if you accessorize it with some beautiful flowers but you can also just leave it plain.

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