45 Cool Ideas for Vintage Hairstyles – Back in Trend

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Vintage hairstyles are a great choice for women who want to be taken back in time. They rocked back in the 1900s and are still embraced in the moder-day world. These hairstyles provided the most in retro fashions, creating a perfect combination of classy and fabulous. There are many options to explore in the world of vintage hairstyles. Below are 45 examples you might want to experiment with.

# 1 Retro Victory Rolls

#1 Retro Victory Rolls

This style sports textured hair that is given a nice center part. The sides are wrapped around a curling wand right from the roots. This gives them a lift to the top creating two spiral tunnels. The locks at the back are wrapped around the curling wand at the ends creating wonderful curls at the base.

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