25 Gorgeous Waterfall Braid Ideas — Eye-Catching Hairstyles

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Waterfall braid or cascading French braid is a technique where the hair is braided keeping one half up and the other half let to create a waterfall down. It is one of the best hairstyles for summer owing to its cute and super chic look. This hairstyle works well in keeping hair off your face and has lots of admirers all over the world. And in case you are planning on giving it a shot, it would be best if you first knew the different options that you can choose from. Below I have outlined one of the best examples that will definitely make your day.

# 1 Pastel with Voluptuous Crown

Pastel with Voluptuous Crown

This braided hairstyle sports a voluptuous crown that provides an added touch of sophistication. The front hair is braided a few inches from the forehead. The braid drops down from the top and stretches horizontally from the sides to the back. The hair is layered and has a front bang that creates more fun. Vibrant tones of blue, purple and mint green add more visual appeal to this style. It is a flattering hairstyle that will definitely make you the center of attraction in any prom party.

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