50 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair — Hairdos You Can’t Resist

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Wedding hairstyles for long hair come in varying designs and styles that range from free-flowing locks to updos and braids. And so even as you take care of everything else on your big day your long mane should also be in mind because you have to look your best. However, the good thing is that most of these styles are very easy to make, and this is more so if you have a natural hair with an excellent texture, volume, and color. In fact, most of these hairdos for your long mane will only take you a couple of minutes to design and if you accessorize with a beautiful piece you will look magnificent. Look through the 50 designs in the gallery below for some inspiration on how to style your long mane on your wedding day.

# 1 Simple Crown and Loose Waves

Simple Crown and Loose Waves

A crown braid is one of the few styles that you can always be confident it will give you a top notch headdress. It is also very easy to form and to create this one you only need to weave a medium size braid, wrap it around the head at the top and pin it in place with some loose wavy locks flowing below it. And to finish the design you only need to accessorize with a small flower crown above the braid.

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