30 Dazzling White Blonde Hair Ideas — Perfect Snowy Shades

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The demand for white blonde hair has been on a steady increase for a couple of years now as more and more ladies get the courage to go paler than usual. This shade of blonde is different from others in many ways but its most distinguishing factor is its lightness, and this is what gives it a whitish look. Although it is more popular with ladies that have a light complexion, it can still work for any other woman who knows how to create it. And so whether you want to upgrade your looks or simply want a hue that will make you stand out this color is perfect for you. The gallery below showcases 30 different ways that you can rock this amazing shade.

# 1 Wavy Silver Lob

Wavy Silver Lob

The hint of silver in this hairdo makes a huge difference, and if you can get it right, you will always be confident of a top notch color design. This lovely shade is a product of creative color combination, and you can only achieve it through balayage and bleaching. The long bob is also excellent, and you only need a center part and to push the wavy locks into a face frame to finish the headdress.

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