25 Attention-Grabbing Yellow Hair Color Ideas — Bright as the Sun

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Yellow hair rocks and it is perfect for any lady that wants to break away from the norm by coloring her strands with a distinct and bright pastel shade. Instead of going for the typical blondes and browns it is good to go for one of the many shades of yellow and create a design that you will hardly see with any ones else. With this lovely shade, you only need to give your strands a good chop and then use a trendy coloring technique such as balayage and in modern patterns like ombre and sombre to create a top notch headdress. And so if you are looking to upgrade your appearance with a bright color below are 25 ways that you can wear yellow.

# 1 Deep Yellow with Darkened Roots and Hint of Pink

Deep Yellow with Darkened Roots and Hint of Pink

This bright shade is what most people know as yellow, and it is hand painted in the face framing wavy locks. The design has some darkened roots for some contrast, and you can also spice it up by introducing some subtle hints of pink on the ends.

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